Warranty Information | Cabinets and Displays

Warranty Information | Cabinets and Displays

The Gainsville furniture range is a hand made range to quality products. No two products will be exactly the same. Variations occur from one worker to the next. Each product which Gainsville produces is quality controlled, checked and tested throughout production, both before and after assembly by our own team of trained QC agents.

Over time, we make alterations to improve customer experience. All feedback is welcomed, both in store or emailed to [email protected]

Most of our cabinets are made with G*Grass hardware, which is produced in Austria.

Hinges and Runners made with G*Grass runners are covered by a lifetime warranty. Hinges and runners that are NOT G*Grass runners are covered by a 12 month warranty.

Structure and frame of our cabinets are covered by a 5 year limited warranty.

Things not covered under warranty

  • Scratches, marks or stains caused by miss-use, liquid or food spills or neglect
  • Breakage or shattering of glass, where applicable